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Are both you and your company tired of not making the profits you should on each and every one of your projects, specially during the installation phase?
If so, we can help!

D & A Engineering Ltd is a spectacularly growing Architectural Metalwork and Ancillary Services company.

We are also capable of providing the highest standards in Project Management and Health and Safety.

This means that all you have to do is supply us with the project requirements and we will elaborate the task specific Method Statement, Risk Assessment and/or Project Plan.

Imagine what is like not to worry about getting all this documentation approved quickly without wasting any of your in house management time.

We employ trained and qualified personnel specialising on all the above tasks to ensure compliance with the most demanding of projects.

D & A Engineering Ltd has steadily applied the highest quality standards to all projects since its formation and keeps constantly improving.

To put things a bit in perspective, we should ask:

Why would our company keep steady growth during slow economic times, in spite of very tough and underbidding competition?

The answer:

Because we focus on quality, service and value for our clients above everything else. The results speak for themselves.

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